About Me

Name: Ava*

Age: 32

Married: Happily to Ryan* in 2005

Children: Blake* (9), Liam* (7) and Keira* (4)

Live: Arizona, Born and raised

Religion: It’s complicated but many still associate me with Latter-day Saint aka Mormon

Special Interests/ Hobbies:  The theatre! Anything with performing arts.  I also enjoy anything crafty. I currently sell crochet items (usually as baby photo props).

The purpose of my blog:

This blog is about my struggles with Depression and Anxiety. It is overwhelming, frustrating, damaging to those I love and very lonely.  This struggle is amplified by that fact that I am not only in charge of myself but 3 little ones as well.   It’s hard to find honesty when it comes to Depression and Motherhood. I have no real intentions of being a voice for anyone but a chance for me to speak my mind.

-I started this blog because I felt so isolated and alone when it came to searching for someone who would share the real ways depression affects families, especially mothers.

* my name and my family names are pseudonyms.

Updated January 5, 2017

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